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BECAUSE (a relevant rant)

“BECAUSE” (spoken word piece by Pablo Das)

"Because what we consume is the most intimate relationship we have to our environment.

Because having grown up on Pop Tarts, Big Gulp and television my generation has no reference point for what connecting with our true nature even looks like.

Because a transformation in your relationship to food, or anything else in life for that matter comes from paying strict attention, to a system of self inquiry, through mindfulness, to the karma or results of your actions .

Because access to quality foods seems has something to do with the neighborhood we live in and the color of your skin.

Because this society has seriously manipulated you about body image, especially women, you have been fucked with hard core.

Because most scientific studies are done on isolated nutrients, but we don’t eat isolated nutrients; we eat nutrients in the context of a system called food.

Because the results of any such study do not trump the direct experience of the individual --EVER.

Because, after 1000’s of years of evolution, do we really require a scientist to tell us what to eat?

Because teaching our children that they only have to eat vegetables when they are hidden in macaroni and cheese is a total disservice, Jessica Seinfeld.

Because there is not a disease in the world whose root cause is a pharmaceutical deficiency.

Because my mother died of cancer, because my father died of heart disease, because they both had diabetes.

Because Michel Pollan rules.

Because Sanjay Gupta does not rule.

Because vegan boys are hot.

Because the angriest people I know are vegan boys.

Because any conflict between a belief system and what our body actually needs will cause tremendous protracted suffering.

Because if you are really concerned about terrorism, then may I suggest the war on factory farming?

Because GMO, because cloning, because antibiotics, because steroids, because hormones, cause cancer cause depression, cause anxiety, cause osteoporosis, cause obesity, cause diabetes , cause autism , cause MS, cause bulimia, cause anorexia, cause gastric bypass surgery, cause restless leg fucking syndrome.. those bastards would totally invent a disease just to sell you their drugs.

Because we are most influential culture on the planet.

Because Howard Lyman said I didn’t have the right to know what I know and not act.

Because a bald guy with funny glasses not only told me I could change the world, but he showed me how it’s done.

Because Annemarie Colbin reminds me that this discussion itself is a luxury; for many people in the world , the biggest problem is not what to eat, its can I?

Because all of this, I have decided it is my life’s work to help people come into a clearer seeing, and subvert this industrialized food system, and cultivate a wiser relationship to what they consume, and in doing so create the conditions for more balance, and happiness, and for less suffering - not just for ourselves but for all beings going out in all directions.

Because of all of this, I started a community called the American Food Rebel Network, and I would like it if you had my back…."


Pablo Das: mindfulness based wellness, nutrition and recovery coach and Buddhism inspired indie-folk (antifolk) musician. (also look on youtube for more of Pablo's music)

Jessica Seinfeld: pop-media mom, author (or plagiarist) of the “Deceptively Delicious” cookbook.

Michael Pollan: activist and author of The Omnivores Dilemma, In Defense of Food, and professor of journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.

Sanjay Gupta: media personality on health-related issues.

Howard Lyman: former Montana cattle rancher, renowned public speaker, author, and animal advocate.

Bald guy with funny glasses : the Dalai Lama.

Annemarie Colbin: maverick nutritional theorist, internationally recognized health educator, author, consultant and speaker, specializing in food and its effects on health. She is the author of Food and Healing.
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