A Supremely Black Tai Affair (setissma) wrote in pollanesque,
A Supremely Black Tai Affair

budget freezer recipe suggestions?

Hi, all! I'm a graduate student with a minor quandry: I'm currently profoundly bored with most of my stock of freezable recipes. I'm trying to eat well on a (fairly minimal) budget, and I'm running up against some problems that I suspect a lot of folks have, which are that a) it's very hard to cook for just one person, and b) food is expensive! If anyone has some budget recipes up their sleeves, I would profoundly appreciate links.

Pertinent information:
1. I have access to a co-op grocery store that's very pricy, plus some less expensive Big Box food type places. I'll hopefully be able to go a local farmers' market later in the spring, once it opens. I also live in the southwest, so my access to good fruits and vegetables can be a little limited.
2. Non-vegetarian is preferable, but veggie is fine too! I am open to just about anything.
3. Given that there's only one of me and I don't eat a whole lot, recipes I can freeze in portions to eat throughout the week would be particularly welcome.

Thank you!
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